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~ Satisfied Customers~
Bob H.

“After looking in and around Boston for a true guitar craftsman, I found my guitar man: DJ Parsons.

DJ took care of my ailing ‘98 Guild JF-65 Jumbo acoustic, bringing it back to its former glory and setting it up for some fine jams to come.

He also took my Fender American Standard Deluxe P-Bass and reset the neck, adjusted the action, and even reinstalled the “Deluxe” part.

Couldn’t be happier with workmanship or the dude standing behind it.  Thanks DJ.  See you soon.”

Bob Hoffman
Bassist & Guitarist

Union Jack Band


Steve S.

"It's rare to find a luthier who takes the time to listen to the player and gets it right."


Steve Sarber

Singer/Songwriter Portland,Oregon

Martin Dread

Julian A.


Thanks for the great work on my strat! More guitars will be coming your way from my little, rusty collection.

And thanks for your help with my Ampeg.

Julian Allatt

Fender Strat

Linda V. & Eric


 Thank you so much for the work you did on my son's 2 guitars, when he broke the headstock on his Gibson Classic  Gold Top, I was afraid it was a total loss until you were recommended.  I

took a chance with finding someone I wasn't familiar with and not only was I very impressed with your work, but my son said his guitars sound better than when we bought them.  The repair to the headstock is barely noticeably

 Again thank you so much, you came through with the workmanship, your time and cost.  I will definitely be seeing you again.  I have given your name out to several people with high recommendations.

 Again Thank You!


Linda V & Eric

Epiphone doubleneck

Gibson Les Paul


Matt R.
Thanks again DJ, awesome job, I'll be mentioning you on my websites and of course the go-to guy for all guitar needs most players notice and compliment me on the Larrivee.
Matt Romero
The Matt Romero Band
Larrivee D-03


Ben M.

 "Thanks so much for giving me a setup on such short notice, DJ and for doing such a thorough, fast, job with it. It plays so well now! I've recommended you to all my friends and I'll be back soon with other instruments!"


Ben Madsen


MC Ruth
Hi DJ,

Just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for your concientious,professional attitude and ability in getting my "Stunt Guitar"(2004 Epiphone Studio Dot) up and running for my upcoming Summer schedule.Both my '62 ES-335 and '64 Epiphone Sheraton are so jealous that they will not be "going out with me" to clinics and gigs. I didn't tell them about you,but if and when they do need service, you're my First Call and boy will they be glad I did. Thanks so much.With over forty years in the music business,I have much experience with tech minded people, some NOT very good, quite a few NOT at all reliable. It's comforting to realize that there are a handful of qualified,dutiful,reliable competent guitar techs, Like yourself, out there. I consider you to be a "Guardian Angel" of those of us who perform music for a living. Best to you and yours. 


M.C. Ruth

Epi Studio Dot


Bill R.

"DJ is a craftsman who takes the time to do the job right.  He will listen to your observations about your instrument and adjust his work accordingly.  He has worked on 2 of my mandolins and I'm very happy with the results."


Bill Ryan

Trinity College Octave Mandolin

Mid - Missouri M4 Mandolin

Sean  S.

Hi DJ,
I've had a chance to try out the Seagull after the set-up, and it is wonderful.  Makes learning so much easier with the proper set-up.  I appreciate your quick response and turn-around time; it made going without the guitar more manageable.


Sean Sykes

Seagull 25th Anniversary Slope Shoulder Dread

Jim C.

Hi DJ— just wanted to thank you for the great set-up you did on my guitar.  I can really tell the difference.  It feels great, sounds great.  And a fast turn-around too!

James Cherry

Taylor 110-CE

Matt H.
Thanks DJ.  I'll definitely look into these cases and see which one looks better.
And again, thank you for your excellent service and craftsmanship.  I was hoping to just get this mandolin playable again but you've brought it back to life in all aspects.  I own several more stringed instruments which if I ever need service on, I know who I'm coming to.  Just a tremendous experience all around, so thanks again.
Matt Hayden
1921 Gibson A4 Mandolin
Frank S.

"Hey DJ, Good to see you again! Amazing what can happen in 40 years or so! (Did I just count right??)

Thanks for making my ES335 play silky smooth. Great job!! See you again ..."


Frank Salamone

XBHS - Class of 1971

Gibson ES-335 Dot

Marcus S.
Hey DJ,
sweet job man, plays like a dream. Great stuff, thanks!
I'll see you soon with the tele.

Marcus S.
Gibson ES-335 Dot

Mike F
"DJ has become my go-to repairman. So far he has done set-ups on my Martin and a Rogue mandolin and they both sound wonderful, so I carted my lap steel, my banjo, and my unfinished OOO-28 kit over to his place. He's been quick, flexible, and his prices are very reasonable. Next I'll see if he can do something about my fingers. "

~Mike Franz
Rogue Mandolin
Martin DX-1
Sivertone Lap Steel
Martin 000-28 kit
Danville banjo
Greg G.
 Sorry I couldn't stay and chat a bit more today (family was waiting in the car).
I just gave the gib a good playing and it is really nice.  You sorted it out well.  It sounds good, plays well and looks great.  I couldn't be more pleased. 
Thanks for all the fine work and I'll be sure to send you some business besides mine.
Greg G.
Vantage Electric
Guild Jumbo
Gibson ES 355 TDSV
Tom T.
Hi DJ,
Thanks so much for the beautiful job you did on the SG!
All my best,
Tom T.
1969 Gibson SG Custom
see 'Completed Projects'
Greg M.
Hi DJ,
Just wanted to check in that the Gibson SG you intonated for me sounds amazing now and the job you did was excellent even though it was only the basic set-up. I definitely will be bringing it back for the full job soon.
I did have another project in mind I was hoping you could help me out on.

I have a Mexican strat from the early 90's that was my first new electric guitar...


Greg M.

Gibson SG

Dina W.

Dear DJ,
My lovely little Seagull came back to me yesterday, and I just want to say thank you!!! She plays so beautifully - better than she ever has - and I look forward to beginning my lessons in such great form. I really appreciate you accepting my guitar via UPS, and sending her back to me with equal care. Your work is meticulous, and the change in strings was a much needed and insightful touch. Keep on doing your beautiful work, and be well! Warmly, Dina.


Dina W.

Seagull Coastline

Matt M.


DJ: my guitar plays and sounds great! Thanks for your expertise on the setup.


Matt Madden

Hand-made Walnut/Maple Tele with Okoume pickguard - see 'Completed Projects


Neale E.

D.J. setup and did fretwork on a number of the instruments for my studio.  I was so happy, I finally gave him my beloved 1974 Martin D28 which needed some love.  He recrowned and polished the frets, put a new and beautiful ivory nut, and new pickguard that perfectly matched the old one that had shrunk, warped and was coming off.  All my buzzes are gone and it's a dream to play now.


Neale Eckstein

Fox Run Studio - Sudbury, MA


Taylor Baby - Jimmy Jones bass - Dean banjitar - Guild D-25 - Maton dread 

Escape Travel guitar - 1974 Martin D-28 - see 'Completed Projects'


Jim P.

Hi DJ, when you worked on my Rickenbacker 4001 Bass last year, you mentioned the Frets needed replacing and there was a small split in the neck by the Fretboard, that should be glued. Another small problem is that the intonation on the "E" and "A" strings is off. Do you have rough idea what all this might cost me? Talk to you soon.....Jim Pedersen.


Jim Pedersen

70's Rick Bass


Al C.

Hi DJ,

Thanks for bring the Dove back from the dead! Plays fine!
Good luck, will be in touch,


Al Carrier

Guitarist for The Tweed Bros. Band


1974 Gibson Dove - fret level/crown/ polish, neckset, bone saddle


Jane L.
DJ...thank you so much for bringing my guitars back to life. My very old Vicente Carrillo and the Guild MK II (rescued from the garbage) sound so beautiful.  The Guild is incredible. Thank you!!

DJ, let me pay you the highest compliment:  You are the 'Guitar Whisperer'.

John A.

DJ, just to say again that you did a terrific job on the Franklin. It sounds absolutely divine. Thanks so much.

John Anderson

Franklin Eng/Brazilian OM

Matt M.


Thanks! The Washburn sounds and plays great. I played it at the open mic on Thursday, and lent it to a friend who didn’t have his guitar. It sounded nice from the audience, too!


Washburn Dread


John H.
Just wanted to thank you for all the work you did recently for me!!! Guitars are sounding great!!!
The show is this Wednesday at 9pm at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain if you're around.
All your excellent work paid off, DJ, and I now have instruments that actually play well! All were used on our debut album : ) 
John Hemphill
Johnny Blackout of Blackout Mafia 
Debut Album - Omerta - 2012 
Flying V


David C.
Hi, DJ,
I want to thank you for helping me sell my custom Taylor 815C guitar.  Selling a valued instrument can be a painful experience, but you handled it beautifully.  I particularly appreciate that you were able to find a buyer so quickly, got the full asking price, and personally delivered  it to the buyer (who lives in the next state).  Thanks for everything.
David M. Clive, M.D.  
Professor of Medicine
UMass Medical  School
Taylor 815C
Guild F-212


Donna M.

Dear D.J.,
Thanks for the better than new instrument. All of a sudden I can do things on the guitar that I couldn't do when I actually practiced - 30 years ago. It's a perfect incentive to try again. I'll see how far a half hour a day and 10 aging fingers can get me.


Donna Manoogian

Aria acoustic

Shaun Y.

She plays like i've never heard.

Have not put her down yet.
Great work, sir, I should have done this years ago.
It's nice not seeing  the B string half an inch higher than the other strings! :)

Thanks again!
Shaun Young
'79 Strat


Michael M.

To Whom It May Concern:

 I collect vintage acoustic guitars and have relied on DJ Parsons for my guitar-work needs for the past 3 years. My experience with him has been consistently positive. He has always done precision work at a reasonable price. He’s also very accommodating with my busy schedule. I recently brought him a late 1950’s Harmony Sovereign whose action made the guitar all but unplayable. After DJ did a neck reset, built an ivory saddle and dressed the frets, the guitar practically plays itself. And with his usual pro set-up, DJ cleaned up my dingy old Sov so it looks as good as it plays. I would highly recommend DJ Parsons for the exceptional work and service he provides.


Michael Mulkern

Belmont, MA

May 2011


Brian M

Thanks for the great job you did setting up my bass, DJ!  I noticed that you polished down some burrs on the edge of the frets, and cleaned up the fret board.  Also very welcome was your willingness to pick up and drop off my bass, and having it in your shop for a minimal amount of time.  I’ll definitely recommend your work!


Brian McMahon

Ibanez bass

August 2011



Gregory F.

Just a short note to say thank you, I'm enjoying
my new set up. Already referred you to a few Musicians.
I'll let you know if Karen gets another Jam Gig.

Gregg Fraggos

Taylor dread

August 2011

Mark S.
Just sending you a note of thanks for the work you did for me. I've been playing the Strat with the new bone nut quite a bit. It plays great, sounds great and stays in tune; which is quite remarkable considering the heavy handed way that I play it! The setup is great too, I forget that I'm playing with 13's!
I removed the Floyd Rose style bridge from one of my old Strats and it appears that I'll be able to screw a standard (original) bridge back in. Unfortunately, I don't have the original and am in the market for a used American Strat bridge if you come across one? I've also removed the locking nut and will need you to patch a standard bone nut back in. Once I get a bridge installed I'll bring it by so you can work your magic again on the nut.
Mark Shea
Fender Strat
October 2011
Dan W.

Hi DJ,

Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful appraisal. I am pleased with what you had to say about the Gibson.  No problem in opening the pdf file.

I enjoyed meeting with you.  I appreciated the discussion and learned quite a lot.  I will be calling you soon about some others questions.


Dan Williams

1938 Gibson L-00

October 2011

Robert S

Hi DJ,

It's phenomenally bright, probably too bright for the mountain music types. I've never never seen an open-back that has this much sustain. 

Thanks again for your part in making this happen.


Robert Sikkema

Stealth Banjo

November 2011


David S.


Hi DJ - thanks again for serving as "doctor" to all things bass for me.  Let's start from the easy, to the not so easy. 
You've done great by my Carvin, ensuring the proper set up and string changes to-date.  My new Ibanez Semi-Hollow needed some modifications - and changing out the knobs and moving the strap pin made it look cooler and more comfortable to play. 
My "big dig" 'Fenderbird' project of Warmoth Thunderbird body and J-bass neck came together well - and you did everything I wanted (even the minor picky cosmetic stuff, which you're always patient with...). 
It's always a pleasure working with you - your patience and easy-going/customer friendly manner and great communication (email, text, and phone) has made it a pleasure to continue doing business with you.  See you soon!
David S.
Carvin SB 4000 Bass
Ibanez Artcore AGB200 Semi-Hollow Bass
Custom "Fenderbird" Bass
March 2012 


Jim L.

Hi DJ; 

Two weeks ago I gave you a box of guitar parts and you transformed them in to a musical work of art. I can`t stop looking at this thing its so nice. 
All the best, Jim
Jim L.
P-90 Custom project
March 2012 


Max L.

Hey dj,
Bass is working great thanks a lot for the fast turn around. Thanks again, Bud, and take care,



Max Lavelle

Bassist - The Black Dahlia Murder

Zon bass


Kevin C.

DJ- You are the first luthier to actually get my guitars to the point where I can play them. I appreciate the fact that you listen to what I want and when the guitar comes back to me, you've done what I asked for. What also sets you apart from the rest is that your work is always skillful and timely.

Thanks again,



Gibson - Byrdland, LG2, L-0

Martin D-28

Gretsch Chet Atkins

Kohno Classical

DuPont MC-50 Gypsy guitar 

Goya archtop 

April 2012 



John Mc

DJ - just wanted to thank you for your commitment to excellence. Given the work you did on my Strat and your attention detail, I would strongly recommend you to my friends who play guitar. I also want to thank you for coming to my home to pick up my Strat and bringing back when it was done. Good luck & you have a customer for life! Thanks again.

John MC

'95 Fender Lefty JStrat

May 2012 

Paul C.

It was a sickening day when the end pin popped out, my guitar strap came loose, and my 40 year-old Martin D-18 went crashing to the floor.  After a few minutes to calm down, I decided that maybe all was not lost and started searching for a place to have the guitar repaired.  I ended up at DJ Parsons' shop.  I could not have made a better choice.  

During that first visit DJ spent a lot of time discussing the guitar with me.  It came out that I was having problems with the playability of the guitar even before the accident.  DJ convinced me that he was a true expert, and that he also had a genuine passion for his work.  He has a wealth of knowledge about guitars in general and about Martins (and probably others) specifically.  I learned a lot.  

DJ made a very reasonable proposal for repairing the top and also fixing the playability issues.  I had the guitar back in less than a week.  I could not be more pleased with the result.  On close inspection you can tell that the top was repaired, but a casual observer would not notice it.  An excellent result considering that some wood fiber had been lost.  

The guitar sounds as good as it did before the accident and is now  a joy to play.

 I would trust DJ with any instrument.


Paul Crocker

Martin D-18

July 2012 

Don W.


Great job on the guitar...the switch feels solid for once & the flatwound strings are nice too, I like them a lot. Frets feel great!
Thanks again for the fast turnaround and good work.
P.S. send a link to these strings when you get a chance. 


Don Walker

Epiphone Casino Elite

March 2013 

Mike A.

D.J. - I gotta thank you again for the fret job. After you left, I was so psyched, I sat and played 'til midnight. I can't remember my Les Paul ever playing as smooth and clean as it does now: the neck looks and feels like a dream and it's in tune all over like it never was before. Awesome!

Mike Austin

1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom

August 2013

Mark S.

DJ ~ I am very pleased with the Nylgut strings you put on my Martin 1-T. They give a sound that is pure uke. Let me think about the banjo a bit before I switch those strings over because I want a steel sound sometimes.

Mark Schorr

60's Martin 1-T uke

September 2013 

John M.

Hey DJ - bass sounds as crisp as lettuce : ) thx so much.


John Miles

Warwick bass

October 2013 

Tim T.

DJ - my son was so happy to plug-n-play. Says the action feels great. Thanks again &

Happy Thanksgiving!


Tim Techler

Ibanez Roadstar II

November 2013 

Dan S.

Tnx again, DJ. AMAZING, AMAZING work! Much appreciated.


Dan Schiff

Custom 1959 Les Paul Standard Vintage

Feb'y 2014 


Hi DJ-

       The new bone nut is awesome! The guitar looks brand new and the fret job is amazing. Even the buckle rash on the back is less noticeable. Thanks again.


Gregg Vereb

Gibson Les Paul

March 2014 


Zach E.

Hi D.J. - thank you so much for the work you did! I honestly couldn't be happier. It's like having 2 new guitars instead of just 1 as I have never been able to play the V. You did an outstanding job on both of them; they play and sound amazing. I'll definitely be in touch with my next batch of setups. I've got some things planned, just need to order some parts and finalize what I want to do.


Zach Elko

Fender Jim Root Signature Jazzmaster

Jackson Flying V

January 2015