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DJ Parsons Guitar Repair and Setup School Overview

If you are passionate about guitars and other stringed instruments and have always wanted to pursue the discipline of lutherie, this course will help you become a luthier/guitar tech and assist you in setting up a part or full time shop of your own.

Instruction is one-on-one and will be tailored to your goals, aptitude and availability.

The course is broken down into phases. Each phase consists of 5 one-hour sessions.

Enrollment is $500, which will cover Phase 1. 

Please bring the enrollment fee and an electric guitar to our initial meeting in case you want to get started right away.

Phase 1 will cover electric, bass and acoustic setups.

Phase 2 will concentrate on building bone nuts and saddles and repair work

Phase 3 will cover guitar electronics and repair work 

Phases 4 & 5 will concentrate on fretwork - removal. cleaning of fret slots & radius sanding of the fingerboard, measurement & radiusing of the new frets, refretting and level, crown & polish

Phase 6 will be given over to honing your setup and repair skills and a thorough review. We will also cover what's involved in running your own shop, repairing and setting up customers' instruments and general tradecraft. 

Note: you must be long on patience, have some aptitude with tools and measuring and be willing to make a solid financial and time commitment if this course is going to work for you. By the time we get to Phase 2, there will be a strong homework component to this course. Repetition and practice are critical to increasing your knowledge and confidence. Therefore, it is important that you have a workspace at home.

If you stay with the course for the full 6 Phases, I will present you with a Certificate of Completion as a Journeyman Luthier, help you get set up in business as a luthier/guitar tech and sponsor you into The New England Luthiers. 

If you don not aspire so set up a business as a luthier/guitar tech but only want to do setups and minor repairs on your own gear, we can tailor the course to fit. 

Proper tools for lutherie/guitar tech work will be an additional expense. I encourage you to visit stewmac.com to familiarize yourself with the best tools available.